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Little Mermaid part of another world: Chapter 2
Chapter 2: The time to shine
Three years have passed since I was plucked out of the sea by a friendly cabin boy and a supportive captain and a lot has changed.
It was easy to adjust even if this world did not have films and computer games like back home, But then again I have lived without such luxuries for two years on account of living on the streets and I managed. I was enjoying my time sailing the seven seas. I had played computer games in my old life that revolved around sailing but nothing could compare to the joys of the real thing. Feeling the breeze of the wind and the spray of the sea, little things like this are what make sailing special.
Chris has become a good friend, As we are both cabin boys on the Dawnstar we had a lot of time to form a friendship. He is certainly a welcoming change to my former lonely street life. He's a bit clumsy when on dry land but he makes up for it by being kind, good, supportive and very dependable when at sea. Thankfully I have started to call
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Little Mermaid part of another world: Chapter 1
Chapter 1: One life ends, another begins
I was still screaming when I fell into the ocean with a splash, reaching the surface for air, splashing about to stay afloat. A lot of questions crossed my mind, Where am I? How did I get here? And how was I in the middle of the ocean when a few seconds ago I was miles inland? On top of that how is it daylight when a few seconds ago it was nearing midnight? 
Looking around I saw nothing but ocean, although nearby there was a flat square piece of flotsam big enough to be a raft. I swam to it if only to be on dry land and out of the cold water.
"What did I do to deserve this?" I asked myself loudly.
I clenched my throat realizing that there was something wrong with my voice, it sounded a lot like I was a young boy. Looking into my reflection in the water I saw myself except younger, like ten years younger. It was such a shock I nearly fell into the sea backwards. I went from seventeen to seven in seconds. Looking at my clothing my black coat
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Little Mermaid part of another world: Prologue
Prologue: a new dawn, and a new world
I have been running, running for two years from the law and from the past I once knew, trying to find a place where I belong. If its anywhere its not here. But I have to escape, I must find a way out.
My name is Sean and this is my story and what began as a simple wish upon a star changed my life forever.
My life was not always a living nightmare. I had a loving Mom and a caring Dad and went to school like most people but when I was thirteen my life started taking turns for the worst. My Mother simply disappeared when I was thirteen and I have not heard of her since, nor do I know what became of her. Dad did not take it so well. He began drinking, grew short tempered and even had the odd fit of rage.
When I was fifteen I decided running away from my abusive Dad and heading north to Newcastle before he starts getting really violent was a good idea. I don't know weather I would have been better off back home in London where a roof over my head is cer
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Sora's, Riku's and Kairi's Visit to Atlantica 2 :iconwinniehappyaspie:WinnieHappyAsPie 42 9 Mermaids :iconaslayawolk:AslayaWolk 11 2 The Little Mermaid comic, page 19 :iconmrrablo:MrRabLo 45 6
A King and Queen of Ice 1
A King and Queen of Ice: Chapter 1
There are things that go bump in the night, sometimes it's you, sometimes it's not. The only thing we are certain of is that we are afraid of it.
She tossed and turned in the early morning hours, not quite used to the warmth that the late summer brought, but it wasn’t the heat from the sun that caused it, it was the dampness that promised rain. It was something she loved to watch, even as a child, the rivulets of water that nourished and washed the streets of her beloved city and made each color more vibrant in the dimmed light. The late summer rain signaled the last push of life before the cold, hard frost would set in. Still, the clarity and refreshment the rain brought joy to her and it rivaled her love for the coming months. Even before she discovered what she was she had loved the winter; the beauty of the pure whites and crystalline fortress that came about the castle, the flickering of flame and the promise of hot chocolate
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The Mermaids Egg tg (Part 2).
Disclaimer: this may contain nudity.
Ian almost fell over as he stared at the mermaid. “I-It's you!”
The mermaid tensed, “Me? Have we met?”
Ian cleared his throat, treading towards her carefully. “Y-you saved me. On this beach. 40 years ago!”
“40 years?” The woman stared at him curiously. She once more glanced around him as if looking for a hidden captor. As soon as she was satisfied, she beckoned to Ian with a webbed finger. Ian's heart raced faster. He carefully made his way down the rocky slope. Each step brought him closer to the beauty which made him blush. He then crouched to her eye level, noticing how even after 40 years she hadn't gained a new wrinkle or a blemish on her skin. It took all of his willpower not to  look at the woman's ample bosom. He may have been a male, but he still respected women.
She squinted her eyes, as if looking for a strange insect on Ian's face, and furrowed her brow. Then, she grabbed his face wi
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A fishy new life: happy ending and a wedding
“Married?!” The baxters all exclaimed.
“That’s right!” Rover said. “Crabby and I are a lot alike!”
“WEll congrats to you both!” Richard said smiling. “We’ll arrange the wedding!
Karen suddenly gasped.
“What is it dear?” Richard asked.
“It’s our anniversary!” Karen cried.
“Oh my god it is!” RIchard cried.
“I know just the spot for you two lovebirds to have it.” Boris said smiling. “Ocean view suites. It has a view of all Aquania on the top floot!”
“That sounds expensive.” Richard said. “Even for us!”
“It’s on me!” Boris said. “I owe you guys for saving me!”
“Thank you Boris!” Karen said.
“Much appreciated.” added Richard. “But we only did part of the saving really. We’d like to thank some others.”
“Very well.” King Boris replied.
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Truce :iconhasuyawn:hasuyawn 537 83
Treasure Planet: The Real Treasure Chapter 8
Chapter 8
Mrs. Hawkins and I went shopping for some clothes suitable for the journey. I didn't want to wear all dresses, but Mrs. Hawkins thought I should have at least one nice thing to wear in case there was something formal on the ship, which I seriously doubted. So we bought a nice light blue dress with three-quarter sleeves and a moderately low V-neck. But the rest of my clothes consisted of white shirts, brown pants, and a pair of black boots. We also bought a light-blue satin nightgown with matching moccasin-like slippers. I thanked her again and again, and promised her I would pay it all back. She smiled and said that wasn’t necessary, but I planned on doing so anyway.
About a week later, we were heading towards the spaceport. I was wearing brown pants tucked into the black boots and a white shirt with slightly puffy sleeves and a V-neck. It reminded me of a pirate's shirt, though much better in quality and more flattering to my figure.
Jim and I hadn't spoken a word to e
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Treasure Planet: The Real Treasure Chapter 7
Chapter 7
"What's going on?" I asked, a feeling of foreboding washing over me.
We could hear an engine from outside. Jim crept over to the window, which depicted flowers, and opened the false image just enough to see outside.
"Quick! We gotta go!" he exclaimed, grabbing his mother and me by the wrists and dragging us up the stairs.
Delbert started to reach for the door, but a laser beam shot through it, narrowly missing him as he reflexively dodged it.
"I believe I'm with Jim on this one!" Delbert called, stumbling after us.
"Jim, where are we going?" I shouted, not understanding how he thought going upstairs would get us out of the Inn.
We could hear shouting and crashes from downstairs. Delbert ran to the upstairs window and pushed it open.
"Delilah! Stay! Don't move!" he ordered the giant creature that pulled his carriage, which luckily happened to be right below the window.
He and Mrs. Hawkins stood balancing on the small windowsill, getting ready to jump, though she seemed hesitan
:iconmermaidgirlforever:MermaidGirlForever 26 26
Treasure Planet: The Real Treasure Chapter 6
Chapter 6
I was on the bed, sprawled out on my stomach, in the room Mrs. Hawkins had given me, staring at the pictures in my locket.
He's nothing like I thought he would be. I remember him as being caring and kind and brave. Now, he seems so…rugged and rebellious, but not in a good way. It doesn't help that I can't remember ANYTHING from the movie!
"This is so frustrating!" I growled to myself.
Then I heard the faint sound of something bouncing off the roof. I listened, and heard it again. I opened the window and saw small rocks falling to the ground. I figured Jim must be on the roof. I climbed out the window and up onto the steeply inclined rooftop. Jim was sitting against a window overlooking the restaurant. He was bouncing pebbles off the metal shingles. He looked up as I carefully made my way across to sit next to him, then resumed angrily staring out at nothing.
"I'm sorry you got into trouble," I said. Thunder rolled overhead.
"Why are you sorry?" he asked, his voic
:iconmermaidgirlforever:MermaidGirlForever 19 15
Treasure Planet: The Real Treasure Chapter 5
Chapter 5
I dreaded what was about to happen as the cop-bots led us towards the BenBow Inn. I wasn't anxious so much about me, but about Jim. Surely his mother would not take this lightly.
When we arrived at the BenBow Inn, the cop-bots pushed the door open and stood with Jim and me between them.
"Mrs. Hawkins," one of them said, prompting her attention.
Mrs. Hawkins had been holding dishes and dropped them to the floor upon seeing us, causing them to shatter.
"Jim!" she gasped.
"Okay, thanks for the lift, guys," Jim said, pushing the cop-bot's hand off his shoulder and taking a step forward.
I stayed where I was, thinking it unwise to move before the enormous cop-bot released me from his custody.
"Not so fast!" the cop-bot yelled, pulling Jim back. "We apprehended your son operating a solar vehicle in a restricted area. Moving violation 9-0-4, section fifteen, paragraph… um…"
"Six," Jim muttered. Shocked, I looked up at him.
This has happened before? I though
:iconmermaidgirlforever:MermaidGirlForever 20 16
Treasure Planet: The Real Treasure Chapter 4
Chapter 4
The wind whipped through my hair, sending it flying out behind me as we sped through the air. The skirt of my dress flapped angrily against my ankles, but I paid it no attention.
This was the most amazing thing I had ever felt! I felt so exhilarated and free! But apparently, that wasn't all I was feeling.
"Holding on tight enough back there?" Jim hollered above the wind.
I hadn't realized that I was gripping him so tightly. I smiled as I released the tension in my body and relaxed my grip.
"This is amazing! I've never felt so free!" I told him.
"You ready for something cool?" he asked, looking over his shoulder and giving me a mischievous grin.
I wasn't sure what to think of this. Before I could reply, he steered us up towards the clouds. Then he pressed the power button on the solar surfer and the sail disappeared back into the board.
"What are you doing?" I yelled frantically as the board stopped moving forward.
He didn't answer. He just spread his arms out as the board sta
:iconmermaidgirlforever:MermaidGirlForever 27 39
Treasure Planet: The Real Treasure Chapter 3
Chapter 3
When I stepped out of the shower, I put on the dress that Mrs. Hawkins had left out for me. It was simple; a light blue and white dress similar to the one she had been wearing, but with no apron. It was loose-fitting on me, since I was a bit smaller and shorter than her, but not so big that I wouldn't be able to function in it.
After brushing my long, strawberry blonde hair out, I decided to look around. I had always wondered what the BenBow Inn would look like. Most of the guest rooms were locked, but I figured they were similar to the one I had been in. So I decided to head downstairs to where I assumed was the restaurant part of the Inn.
It was early in the morning, so the breakfast rush was just starting. Mrs. Hawkins seemed to have her hands full, so I decided to head into the kitchen and see if I could help. I saw a pile of dirty dishes and started to clean them. About 15 minutes later, I had finished washing the pile and they were drying. Mrs. Hawkins walked in and was
:iconmermaidgirlforever:MermaidGirlForever 31 28
Treasure Planet: The Real Treasure Chapter 2
Chapter 2
All I knew was pain. I felt like my head was going to explode. It was as if something was being ripped from my mind. And I was helpless to stop it.
After what felt like forever, the pain finally started to subside, but it wasn't fully gone. I could faintly hear someone talking to me, but I couldn't respond. I vaguely registered that I was being picked up and carried somewhere. A voice was whispering something to me, but I couldn't tell what they were saying. I felt the warmth of their body and instinctively curled closer to them. I was too exhausted to stay awake any longer and embraced sleep when it finally came.
When I opened my eyes, I found myself in an unfamiliar room. I slowly lifted myself from the bed and took in my surroundings. The room was sparsely furnished, with a dresser, a mirror, a nightstand, the bed, and a painting of a flower hanging on the wall. Where am I?
Before I could ponder on it for much longer, a woman opened the door and poked her head i
:iconmermaidgirlforever:MermaidGirlForever 23 16
Misty's Return
Misty's Return
by Captain Bones
Narrtar: Today we find our heroes stop at a Pokemon Center to spent the night after a long walk to Snowpoint City.
Ash: My legs are tried.
Brock: So are mine.
Dawn: I don't think I can move another inch.
May: I can't believe we walked for a long time.
Max: It's like it took forever to get here.
Drew: At least we are here.
May: Yea. Now we can relax on nice soft beds.
Max: As soon as we get in our rooms.
Ash: Look on the bright side. We are sitting on a soft sofa.
Pikachu: Pikachu.
Nurse Joy: You sat there for 5 mintues. Is something wrong?
Dawn: We took a very long walk to get here.
Drew: Our legs need some rest.
Brock: But tried legs doesn't stop me from coming to my love for you.
Croagonk popped out of it's Pokeball and used it's Posion Jab on Brock's back.
Brock: But a hurt back will!
Brock fall on the ground and Croagonk pulls him away.
Max: That was my job, but without a jab in the back.
5 mintues later
Dawn: Ash can we rest a little longer?
Ash: We
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Return :iconjingi:JinGi 273 19



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